The Message for Simpsons Script Department

So, afterwards i decided Sending to Los Angeles, California address 90035, West Pico Boulevard, Since i do need 4 Scripts that i would like need to reading Table Draft.

First of All, I was Decided Reading 4 Scripts for Record and Table Draft by Following:
1. The Monkey Suit (Record) possibly it was dated 2005-08-08.
2. Brake my Wife, Please (Table Draft) dated 2002-08-22
3. $pringfield (Table Draft) dated 1993-05-20
4. You Only Move Twice (Record) Dated 1995-11-13

So any least more to do, I was Really need 4 New Scripts, like old seasons such as 26, The Only thing is i created Document for Sending Al Jean, Nancy Cartwright, Dan Castellaneta, Yeardley Smith, David Silverman and Matt Groening, Just like i wonder about 30 Days when i’m Waiting. As for now, A Document i created that i sending about i reading HABF14 Script since i was buy this item on eBay.

Despite, It would be grateful since it was Unsigned Script, We will let know if shipping on Indonesian since i’m joining The Simpsons Club, yeah it was #TheSimpsons600. In that case, I realized i want make Signed Script for The Simpsons, so i will reading Table Draft, if is not making Signed Script, simply i Will never Remembered what if is doing it.

No Matter when Upcoming Episodes, so i wonder if is good person?

Well, i guess so, so thanks to Script Department for The Simpsons.


WABF06 Script

Heya! It’s now been Late for now Created Script.

I’ve now Writted Episode Name is Treehouse of Horror XXVIII.
The Guest Star will appear: Sarah Quinn, Sarah Hauser, Gloria Ansell, David Lee Mckinney, Dave Bridges, Kelsey Grammer and Joe Mantegna.

Once We Suppose Started now. I’m finally Create This Script.
Each Note to Al Jean. I said: Hey, Al Jean! The Production Script is No. WABF06!
Please Keep it mind That I Made Writer Script. Hope you Enjoy it! -Radiaz

This thing now better as finally. The Subject is I’ve Done make Script.

Character Design is: Rie Saitou, Sang Hoon Cha, and Akio Watanabe
Background Design is Lee Won-Gu

Here i got Images that i made.


Production Script for Episode.

I hope enjoy see it. Have Fun!

Creating Script DOC File

As we seen over People making Script. Please ensure the following have this:

  • You’ll need have Microsoft Office 2007/2010 installed on Your PC.
  • Use Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010, so it should be worked.
  • Please Make Sure Save using Doc File or Docx File.
  • Make the Script carefully. You need make Script Starting Page.
    also You need make Production No. xABFxx (E.g: SABF23, TABF23)
  • If There’s no bottom, (e.g: The Fight before Christmas) add it if you want.
  • Make sure Your OS Must Run Windows 7 or Windows 8.0/8.1/10
  • Please make Script for The Simpsons!!!
  • When you’re done Over Less than 50 Pages. Save it, and Print it.
  • Please make Scene. but Don’t make Invalid Scene. it will invalid.
  • Script should be done. But Once you need it. Please make sure if there is
    Storyboard Script. (Needs Rough Draft Studios or AKOM)
  • When Done Make Script. Please tell to Al Jean on twitter.

That’s all now. and hope you like it.

User List

This User List can be looked as seen to do it.

The Following User Should Need Scan PDF:

  1. Carolyn Cohagan – A Girl who have RABF15 Table Draft.
  2. Aurora De Lucia – This Girl having Unknown code for Table Draft.
  3. Caitlin Kilgore – A Girl are have TABF20 for Table/Record Draft.
  4. Robin Whitney – A Guy have VABF21 for Record/Table Draft.
  5. Olivia Dahan – A Girl are have VABF06 for Table/Record Draft.
  6. Maria Crivan – A Girl are have VABF19 for Table Draft.

If is doing scan PDF. Please contact and email me: Here



Starting Event we would you like it.
The Following Events will be started:

  • Scan The Simpsons Script! (2016-01-22, Extended until end 2018-12-31)

Send email: this after you done scan PDF.
Also, Please Ignore Copyright Law. the Starting Event will in
January 22, 2016. if is done. the event will ended in Feb 28.

Thank you.


Before to Scan PDF. Please check the rules:

  • Please Comment E-mail that should need.
  • Verify the Script no. (e.g: xABFxx, xFxx, xGxx)
  • Verify the Script type (e.g: Table Draft, Record, etc.)
  • Ensure if you have Printers (Example: Canon Pixma MP287/280)
  • Send attachment PDF for my e-mail.
  • If there’s copyright for starting page, Please skip the Copyright Law.
  • Set the Scan Color. and should be Monochrome or Colored (e.g:fvrun-w6xsr-001)
  • And Scan All Pages for Script The Simpsons!

That’s all My Rules. please contact me if there’s request. send email:


Thank you.