WABF06 Script

Heya! It’s now been Late for now Created Script.

I’ve now Writted Episode Name is Treehouse of Horror XXVIII.
The Guest Star will appear: Sarah Quinn, Sarah Hauser, Gloria Ansell, David Lee Mckinney, Dave Bridges, Kelsey Grammer and Joe Mantegna.

Once We Suppose Started now. I’m finally Create This Script.
Each Note to Al Jean. I said: Hey, Al Jean! The Production Script is No. WABF06!
Please Keep it mind That I Made Writer Script. Hope you Enjoy it! -Radiaz

This thing now better as finally. The Subject is I’ve Done make Script.

Character Design is: Rie Saitou, Sang Hoon Cha, and Akio Watanabe
Background Design is Lee Won-Gu

Here i got Images that i made.


Production Script for Episode.

I hope enjoy see it. Have Fun!