Creating Script DOC File

As we seen over People making Script. Please ensure the following have this:

  • You’ll need have Microsoft Office 2007/2010 installed on Your PC.
  • Use Microsoft Office Word 2007/2010, so it should be worked.
  • Please Make Sure Save using Doc File or Docx File.
  • Make the Script carefully. You need make Script Starting Page.
    also You need make Production No. xABFxx (E.g: SABF23, TABF23)
  • If There’s no bottom, (e.g: The Fight before Christmas) add it if you want.
  • Make sure Your OS Must Run Windows 7 or Windows 8.0/8.1/10
  • Please make Script for The Simpsons!!!
  • When you’re done Over Less than 50 Pages. Save it, and Print it.
  • Please make Scene. but Don’t make Invalid Scene. it will invalid.
  • Script should be done. But Once you need it. Please make sure if there is
    Storyboard Script. (Needs Rough Draft Studios or AKOM)
  • When Done Make Script. Please tell to Al Jean on twitter.

That’s all now. and hope you like it.


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